Before you make asset planning, you might have a series of questions:
  1. What is asset planning?
  2. What the requirement of a legally recognized will?
  3. What is the type of asset planning?
  4. Knowledge on asset planning?
  5. Terms and conditions for asset planning?
Need not to worry, we will provide you with the most professional advisory service and personalize asset planning service, to keep you peace of mind.
Before setting up a will, a draft will ensure the final will to be precise and error free. To avoid any dispute, Eternal Assets Management will provide client with quality will drafting service.
How to draft a complete and tranparent agreement while protecting own rights is utmost important. The content of the agreement must be legally recognized, with clear proposal to avoid future disputes.
Through our will custody service, your will can be easily locate and can execute immediately. Benefit of will custody service: - Confidential, reduce risk of tampering. - Reduce the risk of natural disaster, including fire, flood etc. - Well preserve regardless of duration. - Reduce the risk of damage due to accident.
A formal will is legally binding, it allows the testator to distribute his/her assets upon decease. Proper asset planning not only protects the life of your family, but also avoid the beneficiary unable to inherit the asset due to lack of knowledge or experience. Eternal Assets Management is dedicated to help our client understands their rights, and allow them to choose the right plan with highest efficiency.
Will execution refers to the necessary action taken in order to execute the testator's will. Under normal circumstances, will is execute by the beneficiaries. However, the testator may also appoint a designated person to execute the will.
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